Our Committees

Our Boards are supported by Subcommittees that offer vital, in-depth specialist advice in areas such as campaigning impact, grant-making, human resources and finance.

Subcommittees are generally comprised of a small number of Board members alongside external experts, who bring broader outside specialist perspective, curiosity and challenge, within the context of a governance role in the leadership of our organisation.

Our subcommittees are:

  • Campaigns and Impact Subcommittee
  • Finance Audit and Risk Subcommittee
  • Grants Subcommittee
  • Nominations Subcommittee
  • People, Culture and Inclusion Subcommittee
  • Powerful Movement Subcommittee
  • Safeguarding Subcommittee


large group of students holding a sign that reads "Student Conference"
large group of students holding a sign that reads "Student Conference"

Board members also participate in the Joint Consultative Committee with our senior management and union representatives.

Campaigns and Impact Subcommittee

The Campaigns and Impact Subcommittee (CISC) has the important task of helping to improve the effectiveness of our human rights and campaigning work at a strategic level. It provides support and scrutiny on monitoring, evaluation and learning across our campaigns, helping to maximise our impact throughout our body of work and within individual campaigns.

Grants Subcommittee

The Grants Subcommittee (GSC) is a relatively new subcommittee of the AIUK Charitable Trust Board.  Its purpose is to assist the Trustees of Amnesty International UK Section Charitable Trust in making decisions to grant funds Their work includes ensuring that the appropriate degree of oversight is taken when assessing grant applications; reviewing and monitoring new and existing grants; assessing potential funders and approving the release of funds.

People, Culture and Inclusion Subcommittee

The People, Culture and Inclusion Subcommittee (PCISC) advises on and monitors equalities work, HR processes, and culture change across the movement, with a particular focus on the newly developed Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Anti-Racism Plan (IDEA).

Nominations Subcommittee

The Nominations subcommittee leads on identifying prospective candidates for leadership roles at AIUK, both in governance and senior executive areas.

Powerful Movement Subcommittee

Activism is fundamental to achieving our goal of ending human rights abuses worldwide. The Powerful Movement sub-committee supports the Board of Directors in monitoring and supporting the health, growth and impact of activism and community organising in the UK.

Finance Audit and Risk Subcommittee

Ensuring our financial health is fundamental to enabling us to carry out our vital human rights work and, in a shifting economic climate, the Board often has to make important decisions in this area. The Finance Audit and Risk Subcommittee (FARSC) provides expert advice to our Boards  on the financial health and risk management, as well as overseeing internal and external audit.

Safeguarding Subcommittee

The Safeguarding Subcommittee (SSC) monitors and advises on safeguarding across the organisation, with a structural focus that addresses protected characteristics, vulnerable people, and young people.

Joint Consultative Subcommittee

We are a committed employer and staff wellbeing is of upmost importance to us. The aim of the Joint Consultative Committee is to provide a forum in which our Board, Senior Management Team and Union can work together to ensure staff are managed in accordance with best practice, that they can work effectively for the benefit of the organisation, and that they maximise their own potential. They are not a Subcommittee of the Board as such but more a communications channel between the Union and Board. The Committee is made up of a minimum of two members of the Board, two Union representatives and two members of our Senior Management Team. The Committee produces an annual report to the Board on employee relations.