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This year and every year the Amnesty International movement is active on a range of human rights issues, across continents. The common thread in our work across locations and across issues is the importance of evidential analysis, high quality research, powerful campaigning and passion and focus.

The Amnesty International approach is rooted in the individual, where the strength of one person’s action added to others creates a massive unified force. This remains the essence of our movement – even while our remit has grown to address the reality that all human rights are connected in the global pattern of injustice and inequality.

Sacha Deshmukh

Sadly we are far from a world free of human rights violations. But we have learned that every individual action still counts – whether it is an expert producing detailed evidence after reviewing many hours of film and pages of information, a digital communicator taking action on a campaign, an Amnesty member working with local organisations to welcome refugees, one of our generous supporters donating to keep our work going – it all adds up to a powerful collective force.

In recent years, human rights defenders have faced unprecedented levels of repression. This is happening against a global backdrop of rising, unchecked authoritarianism and moves by some governments to undermine international human rights mechanisms. It is not just the stories that jump out from the daily headlines that are a reminder of this, Amnesty International’s voice needs to be powerful and consistent, far beyond news cycles and all too often when those with the power to make change happen would all to easily prefer to look the other way.

Being part of Amnesty International UK is not just about the cause, although that of course stands at the heart of why any of us are part of the movement. We are a group of many individual skills, who by working together can have a greater impact. And we must be a community of respect, compassion and professionalism in our dealings with each other too.

Challenging, exciting, brilliant, thoughtful, fun, human, family. I could apply these, and many more words, to every day as part of Amnesty International UK. We need passionate, committed people to be part of the next stage in our journey. Thank you for considering a role at Amnesty International UK.

Sacha Deshmukh, CEO